Lifts/Leveling Kits

Beyond looking really cool, the main reason you’ll want to lift your truck is to gain clearance and get the body, frame and differentials higher. Installing bigger tires is how you do that, and the only way to fit them is to lift the truck. Off-roading is easier with a lifted truck because of its increased approach, breakover and departure angles. A truck leveling kit raises the front of your truck to even out the overall stance of the truck. If you rarely load your truck or haul a heavy trailer, adding a leveling kit will let you fit larger wheels and tires on your truck for a minimal investment. 

Custom Lifts & Leveling Kits

Like any modification to your off-road vehicle, choosing to lift your truck is a tricky choice. If you install the wrong components, you’ll get poor handling. If you’re looking to add ground clearance to your truck, you first want to consider what it is you plan on doing with your ride. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your truck being used for?
  • What size and type of tires would you like to use?
  • What are you willing to spend on your lift?